Ripple Emulator

Dan Silivestru (@confusement)

Former CTO and Co-Founder of tinyHippos

ripple hacker at RIM


so close...

not really

old skool

and the awesome followed...

  • open source
  • free
  • cross platform

introducing Ripple


if (!window.tinyHippos) { window.tinyHippos = {}; var _panel = th_panel; (function () { var injection = _panel.LAYOUT_HTML.replace(/#URL_PREFIX#/g, rippleExtensionId);; document.write(injection); window.setTimeout(function () { document.close(); }, 100); }()); } delete window.th_panel;

browser pwnd!

talk is cheap

let's see this bad boy run

Where am I?


image capture

Web Inspector

Paul Irish on dev tools

Platform support

Cordova apis


  • Accelerometer
  • camera
  • capture - image
  • compass
  • connection
  • contacts
  • device
  • events
  • file
  • geolocation
  • notification
  • storage

coming soon...

  • capture - audio
  • capture - video
  • media

what about plugins?!?!

help from some friends

#hackweekend cc/ @brianleroux

We have done a lot of work in Ripple to support Cordova platform, having almost full support for all of the platform's APIs. We believe that the natural home for Ripple is in the Apache Software Foundation as a sub-project of Cordova and we want to contribute Ripple to the ASF. However, this is the first time we are doing something like this and the entire company is focused on our BB10 delivery. We have been working very closely with the former Nitobi guys and will also work closely with the Cordova community. We hope to have the support needed in this community to help us find the best way to make this happen.

Ripple on gitHub
Blackberry Ripple Download
Chrome Store Ripple Download

where to find me


thank you!